I Am in Wall Street LTD offers books and private courses to teach the tools we use to have profits from trading. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, think about the impact of reliable studies can have in the Trading Activity. People spend a lot of money for studying and most of the times they don’t really know what really means to work. It is all about to bring something that brings more value, and this is what we can teach. Learning Daniele Prandelli studies with books and courses



The Law of Cause and Effect

Learn the main price structure that Daniele Prandelli uses to create strategies. In this book the Author shares his method to create Planetary Lines (the famous study of Gann) using a revolutionary approach. With the information of this book Daniele Prandelli has proved the meaning of many of his right calls, also after the time the book was written.

CATEGORIES: Planetary Lines, Price Map, Prise Structure, William Delbert Gann.
The book is issued by Sacred Science Institute, to see all the details and to order the book, please follow the link http://www.sacredscience.com/Prandelli/LawOfCauseAndEffect.htm


The PFS – The Polarity Factor System

One of the most important forecast studies that Daniele Prandelli uses. In this book he shows how he creates the PFS (the acronym of Polarity Factor System), the forecast model for the S&P500 and the intraday Key Prices he uses to trade keeping losses under control. Using the same approach he created the forecast models for Soybeans and Corn.

CATEGORIES: Forecast Model, Intraday Strategy, PFS (Polarity Factor System), S&P500 Intraday Key Price Strategy
The book is issued by Sacred Science Institute, to see all the details and to order the book, please follow the link http://www.sacredscience.com/Prandelli/Prandelli-Polarity-Factor-System.htm


 How to Trade to Make Profits - E-BOOK

This special e-book has something almost impossible to find: a real and complete Activity Statement with almost 1000 trades made over 3 months of activity, with a final performance of +58% starting with a capital of $40.000 and finishing over $64.000. Here you can see all the trades, how Daniele Prandelli took these trades and the main trading approach in intraday he used to open and close the positions, it is like to enter in his mind. During one month of activity, he saved every day the intraday charts to show how he made every trade and how he was thinking in real-time, and you can see all those trades in the Activity Statement included in the book. In its field, this is a unique and rare book, you can learn from this book something that no one book can teach: how to make profits!



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