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We provide studies, strategies and forecasts about the Financial Markets. Our work can help to take decision to do trading and investments.

We cover many Markets:

We have forecast models that have proved to work well statistically over the time. The purpose of our work is to produce profits following precise strategies according to the trend suggested by the forecast model. We are focused on precise strtegies and signals, because trading is not analysis or forecast, but trading is action, and without precise signals every study is useless.

The forecast is just a little part of doing trading because there is no profit without a strategy, unless you are lucky enough to guess the right trend (and no one has ever proved to be always right, (neither Gann, did you know it?), but we don’t trade with hope, we trade with numbers.

A bad forecast is NOT a good reason for a bad trade!

Once we produce a forecast, we try to trade it looking at the most important prices, we call them Key Prices, and they can be mid or long-term prices or Intraday Key Prices. We calculate our important prices using the energy that the price has, someone calls it Vibration, as Gann did. Physics now is revealing that is enery is real.  To give you an example of a long term Key Price, have a look at this chart:

1996-2013 S&P500 - long term key price example

If you think this is just a random line we drew after looking at the chart, you have to know this is not true, this line has a precise meaning, a precise geometry, it existed before, regardless the Market, this is actually a strong vibrational level, which means that this line at that level has a strong energy, and energy creates attraction/repulsion, this is how the Universe works, why do we have to think we are so special to be not affected by this Law? We have a precise price map and when the forecast suggests a new trend or a new movement, we look at these important levels to have the confirmation, and so, we create a strategy where we keep the losses under control thanks to these important levels.

Here I show you just a simple example about how we can merge the study of the price here above with the forecast. This is the S&P500 PFS (Polarity Factor System) forecast for the 2012:

2012 S&P500 PFS Fprecast Model - Polarity factor system

The forecast suggests a general uptrend since the beginning of the year. We know we have an extremely important long-term line in area 1258, all we have to do is to plan a strategy that follows the uptrend above 1258 with a close stop under it. If we are right, we can bet for big profits following the uptrend above it, if we are wrong we are going to have a little loss.

2012 S&P500 - Index

Over the time this approach gave us the opportunity to create very good profits. As you can see, it was not hard to follow the uptrend in 2012 if you have the right guide! And look how the Energy of the line worked in June!

This is just an example of our trading approach to make you understand how we plan to have profits. Behind this simple strategy there are many studies, statistics and analysis to choose the path that has the highest probability to generate profits.

Now, think about the potential of this system if we can create intraday Key Prices. We can follow trends of 100 points or more controlling the position with intraday Key Prices, we reduce the possible loss, but we follow the trend for days or weeks when it starts. Here you can see the results of our work with this approach:

I know, always tables without a real Activity Statement, so here is it: Activity Statement

We have developed this approach with Intraday 5 minute charts, we use stop-loss very tight, 1-3 points usually (depending on the volatility) but we follow the trend for many points, even over 100 points as it happened with the S&P500 and Soybeans many times. How can we do it? Because when the forecast is right and a long-term Key Price gives the confirmation, we know we can follow an important trend, we just need patience to make the profits grow. Using these studies with a very aggressive attitude I, Daniele Prandelli, made +58% in only 3 months starting with a capital of 40.000 USD, and you can see the Statement here above. All these trades are documented in the book How to Trade to Make Profits.

EEven if everything looks very easy, it is not, because we don’t trade for you, we just say how we do it! The Subscriber has to follow the Market then, trading is a very demanding job, and if you think that most of the other services can give you signals where you don’t have to follow the Market, you should wonder why most of them don’t show a simple example with real money. Plus, you should care about the efficiency of the strategy! The drawdown, the real one, is fundamental to create a proper strategy that works efficiently! If you don’t understand this process, I’m happy to make it clear for you in this article.

In our Trades Record File you can see the results of following our strategy in a mechanical way with the E-mini S&P500, S&P/ASX 200, Corn, Soybeans and Gold. Once you understand how we trade with our signals, you will learn (because we will explain you with documents once you subscribe the service) how you can trade in intraday increasing the probability to have profits.




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