New Activity Statement - 21st May 2015


This is a new Activity Statement of a new Account that I'm trading. Here you can see the PDF file and the e-mail I sent to the Subscribers.

Activity Statement 04/05/2015-21/05/2015

I just wanted to share with you the Activity Statement of a new Account that I’m trading with. I started on the 4th of May 2015 with a capital of 17.000 USD.
In the Activity Statement you can see that in less than 3 weeks I reached +10% trading Corn, Soybeans and EminiSP.
As you can see I’m having troubles to make money with Corn and Soybeans because they are very flat, and I’m just waiting for the trend to start, but still, I’m in profit with Soybeans of 134 USD, this is because I play with my Key Prices. With Corn we are in loss of 600 USD, much more difficult to play with it. With the S&P500, which worked very well, I am in profit of +2200 USD.
In the Activity Statement you can see all the trades I did, and you will see I use the same Key Prices I give in my Daily Reports. Plus, considering I cannot trade opening 3 contracts with 17K, I use a different strategy where I try to close the position to get the profit. This is something that helps to get profits faster, but on the other side I risk to miss the real trend once it starts.
I hope you can find it useful to make you understand how to trade to make profits. This is a very active trading activity, but I guess it is worth considering the performance I have had so far.

Daniele Prandelli
I Am in Wall Street Ltd


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