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I Am in Wall Street Ltd is the new Daniele Prandelli's Company, a professional trader who has decided to work on his own, independent and free.


Daniele Prandelli

Daniele Prandelli Picture I study the Financial Market since I was 17 years old, in the 1999. I have a bachelor degree in Economics, Bank and Finance.
I understood since the beginning that school could not teach me anything about how to trade and forecast the Financial Markets, especially after taking the University studies where teachers taught me that it is impossible to forecast the Market.

My graduation thesis was about correlation between astronomic studies and Market movements, showing proves about people forecasting the Market trend and which techniques they were using.
I cannot make a list of what I have studied in my life to understand how to trade the Market, it is never ending. But I can mention the most important: William Delbert Gann, George Bayer, Jerome Baumring, Partick Mikula, Bradley Cowan, Michael Jankins, Daniel T. Ferrera, William Garret, Myles Wilson Walker, Sepharial… and many others. I have not mentioned some that it is better you don’t know, and between the names I have cited above, many of them helped me to understand how they were useless for a real trading activity, and as trading activity I mean trading for profits. I have my theory, and now I look at everything very easily: do you make profits or not? If you don’t, you have a problem with the trading activity. Have you studied a lot but you still cannot get profits? Good for you that you are here, because I can be your solution now, I came through the same. If you are new in trading, probably you cannot understand what I’m saying.
Not only the studies about the Market helped me to understand how to trade, I owe my knowledge about trading to other important authors like: Gurdjieff, who helped me to understand myself and how I was weak. Krishnamurti, who made me become honest with myself. And many others.

In 2009 I started a collaboration with Sacred Science Institute, where I was publishing my personal studies. We published 2 books: The Law of Cause and Effect and The PFS, Polarity Factor System. Every year we publish an Annual Bulletin about the S&P500, Corn and Soybeans.

In 2010 I created an Italian Blog called I Am in Borsa, and the 2011 was the time for the  English version of the Blog, where I was sending out Reports and Posts.

In 2014 I made available on my website a new book in PDF, which I’m very proud of because I think a book like this doesn’t exists anywhere, where is shown a real Activity Statement of 3 months of trading, 1000 trades with precise instructions about how I did every trade, the book is: How to Trade to Make Profits.

With I Am in Wall Street Ltd is my intention to offer my knowledge to people who are interested in taking the trading activity seriously, and with this new Company we are creating a professional and high-value service.


Best regards,

Daniele Prandelli



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