Gann Planetary Lines

The Planetary Lines are nowadays the most realiable price forecast tool that you can ever find, but you have to know how to create and use them. Using Planerary lines I have forecast the High and the Low of the S&P500 in 2012, one year in advance.

The Planetary Lines method has been invented, or better say discovered, by William Delbert Gann during the first years of the XX century. This method is quite brilliant  because only a gifted mind could think to use this technique to the Financial Markets.

The main concept is: for a movement of 1 degree of the planet, the energy moves of 1 unit, in this case the price. If the planet Mercury today is at 258 degrees, we have energy at 258 points, and tomorrow this value changes because Mercury will be at 260 degrees, and so we will have the energy of Mercury at 260 degrees.

Question: what if the Market I study has a value over 360 points?

Considering the planet moves from 0° to 360°, to have higher levels of energy we add the position in degrees of the planet to 360. If the Planet is at 58°, we have the energy of the planet at 58 points and at 360+58=418 points. If the Price is higher, we add again 360, to have the level 418+360=778 etc...

The ratio of conversion between the Planet degrees and the Price unit can change depending on the Market we study. For example we can use a ratio of 10, which means we have a movement of 10 points for every movement of 1 degree of the Planet.

When you know which planets to look at and what ratio to use, you can forecast what will be the important level for every Market. Do you wonder how I said to buy in area 1161-1163 with the Soybeans November 2013 Future Contract in August 2013? Because of this study that I knew in advance:

Gann Planetary Lines Soybeans - Prandelli Daniele

In the same way we could trade the Soybeans March 2015 Future Contract:

Planetary Lines Soybeans 2015 - Daniele Prandelli

The Planetary Lines method is the best one to create expectations of movements and to put stops when the Market goes over the line, against the trend we were following. Thanks to this method I always have an important tool that helps me to understand if the Market is in a strong or weak position. I use special settings and studies to understand what ratio I have to use and which planet. If you want to learn more about Planetary Lines, I have written a Course where I teach how I create and use them, The Law of Cause & Effect, published by Sacred Science Institute.

Daniele Prandelli 


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