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Now available a 2018 Live Cattle Forecast! Here are the results of the last years, do not miss the next call!

Here you can see the 2016 Forecast vs Live Cattle real Market:

2016 Live Cattle Forecast

you can see the Forecast in blue and the real Market with daily bars. The forecast was good in forecasting the negative period between January and April; from April to July the Forecast suggests an uptrend, but we do not see it in the chart, and the Market remains quite negative/sideway. In this situation we could see how Live Cattle was in a weak position, because it reacted always during descents but not when the Forecast had a positive energy. This is evident when, starting from August, the Forecast turned down again, and immediately Live Cattle started pushing lower toward new Lows; in November the forecast turns up again, and we started buying around area 101, the December Contract is now at 108.200, great profit.

In my opinion the 2016 has not been a bad year, we had troubles only in April-July, and even if we didn’t see the uptrend, Live Cattle moved mainly sideways anyway. We can definitely say the forecast was good for most of the year.


 In 2015 the Forecast Model alone has been able to forecast perfectly the High and the Low of the first 7 months, and our Key Levels nailed perfectly the top of the year.

2015 Live Cattle

This Report provides an Annual Forecast for this Commodity, with on going Updates providing Key Prices to create a precise strategy that allows us to follow the right trend, with always a protection in case the forecast is wrong. The study made over the last years make us believe we can trade succesfully this Market, and for this reason we are now providing a new study and strategy for Live Cattle.

A Complete Live Cattle Forecast is hard to find, here you now have the opportunity to have it.


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