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The 2017 has been a Bull year. Will the Bull continue in 2018?

The reality is always the same: if you do not pay attention to what we write in the strategy, you will have troubles with the Market! We know where to look at, we know where something can happen, and we know where to put stops if we are wrong! Do you want to understand this is the Key of Trading?!?

Look at the strategies we followed during 2017 with the Updates sent to the Bulletins's Subscribers.

2017 SP500 analysis

2017 S&P500 strategy review

We had only two wrong calls during the year, where we used stops to get little losses: in January and in September. We could follow with confidence the uptrend from February, from the Low of May 18, from the Low of August 28, from October 26, thanks to our Bulletin.


The choice you make today is the profit you have tomorrow.

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2015 S&P500 Forecast vs. Real Market

2015 S&P500 Forecast

 This is what I wrote in the 2015 Bulletin, one year in advance:

I see a general uptrend all through 2015. The general path is:
• a Low in January,
• possible intermediate High in February or March,
• and new intermediate Low in March. This Low should not be under the January Low, but it can be, and this is not a big deal, in any case.
• March is a month where to buy.
• The general uptrend should go on till July, where it is possible we see a stop of the uptrend.
• Little descent till August or September, and then up again.
• October, in any case, if it is a Low or if it is pushing toward new High, should be a month to accumulate because from here a new up push should work till the end of the year.


2016 S&P500 Forecast vs. Real Market

2016 S&P500 Forecast

This is what I wrote in the 2016 Bulletin, one year in advance:

Some words to explain better what I’m expecting:
• January should be a Low or a month where to buy.
• Up till April (possible around the 6th) and then down. Also March can be a High, but April should be around the same top in that case.
• Low in May/June, 5th-8th of June is a possible buy time window.
• The time window July/August/September at the moment is not clear, because there is the possibility to see an uptrend till the end of the year, or a sideways/weak phase till October/November where a new uptrend starts till the end of the year. (the period July-September will be studied during the year looking at the price structure).
• October-November is an accumulation period where we should see a Low. The PFS suggests October as a Low, there is a buy opportunity around the 28th of October.

I have also some dates (+/- 1 day) where we should see the beginning of up pushes, above all if they turn out to be intermediate Lows:
15/1 – 28/1 - 24/3 – 9/5 – 23/6 – 7/7 – 13/9 - 21/9 – 27-28/10 – 13-16/11 – 29/12
(here below the chart that show the short-term up pushes we forecast)

2016 S&P500 short-term buy opportunities

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