2014 Corn & Soybean Forecast Review

CORN - 2014 Bulletin Review

The 2014 Forecast has been great, and we don’t need to use many words to see it.
This is my general forecast for the 2014 about Corn:

2014 Corn Forecast

This is what I said in the Bulletin, in November 2013:

Actually my favourite path is a general up movement till April or May (possible up and down in the first months of the year, at the moment I would like to see a brief weak phase till February and then up), then we should see a descent. The descent should start in May, but if we see a Low in May, it is possible that we are going to see another brief up acceleration till June, and then downtrend toward the last days of July/first days of August. I’m expecting a Low around the last 5 days of July or around the first 5 days of August, then up push toward the last days of August or the first 15 days of September and then down again toward lower levels in October or November.

Try to compare the Forecast with the 2014 Corn movement:

2014 Corn and Forecast

I feel I can say that the forecast about Corn 2014 has been almost perfect.
Maybe the next image can help you to see how the Forecast worked out in 2014…

2014 Corn Forecast and Chart



2014 Soybeans Model:

2014 Soybean Forecast

As you can see, it is quite similar to the 2014 Corn model. Well, it is not a secret the fact that these two Commodities usually move quite in the same way.
This is what I wrote in the 2014 Bulletin:

I’m expecting to see Soybeans to remain up, probably the best up push will start in February because a possible weak phase could work during the first 45 days of the year. Then up push in the first days of March, but a possible pullback could start in the second half of March with lower prices in April. The general up movement should work till May, where a downtrend could start. May is a very important month, in case of a High we can bet for a downtrend (and at the moment this is my favourite path), but if May turns to be a Low after a descent in the first months on the year, it is possible then that a new uptrend starts exactly from May. In this case we are going to see a boring May and June, but during the summer the uptrend should start. But I’m telling you, this is not my favourite path, only if May is a Low then we have to work with this forecast. At the moment my forecast is projecting May as a High, and then descent. Over the year we will work with the prices to be able to trade it properly.
If the descent works from May as expected, we should see an intermediate Low between the end of July and the beginning of August. I don’t exclude also a little Low around June the 8th. Anyway, we should see lower levels during the summer. Then new down push around half August or from the last days of the month/beginning of September, down toward October...

It will be enough to have a look at the Soybeans movement over the 2014 to see how the forecast has been great (to see the real movements of the Futures during the summer, look at the July, August and September Futures):

2014 Soybean Chart and Forecast


To better see how the forecast worked in 2014 look at this comparison:

2014 Soybean Forecast and Chart

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